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When: Saturday 29 april kl 14.00 | Venue: 2lång


In Gothenburg as well as the rest of the world, a lot of people are making a living by playing music. Some with long educations, some self learned. Some touring the world, playing for thousands of people. Some with employment in an orchestra. 

Then there are those who make a living by playing on the streets. People who may not have any other source of income. People who may have fled from war with only their instrument. People who may support their families in another country by playing the accordion in Nordstan. 

How come some people play for sold out concert halls while some, with similar talent, play on the streets?

And how does the musician on the street get by in a society where cash is more and more replaced by cards? 

And – what can we do to improve their conditions?


These questions and many more will be discussed in a talk with Mariya Voyvodova (Kommunalråd S), Kim Persson (Tunnelbaneorkestern) and Malin Clausson (Faktum). Moderator: Ina Lundström.


Warm welcome!



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