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Klubb ENTRA presents: Christine Abdelnour (FR) + Magda Mayas (DE)

When: 27 april kl 20.00 | Venue: Nefertiti

Tickets: Click here


Magda Mayas and Christine (Sehnaoui) Abdelnour both play acoustic music that is diametral, a space they conquered by changing the traditional ways of their instruments: modern alchemy. Together they express a strong physical experience. Mayas is a master of sparse fragments of motion and Abdelnour works in a flux of changing sounds. The multiple layers of their performance create a shivering moment of existence, which reminds me of the words of the Danish artist Malene Bach: ”Art finds its own relevance in forming the alternative space, where utopias, dreams, intentions and everything, that we cannot agree exists, can articulate itself and take place.






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