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Fabriken presents: Naoko Sakata (solo)

When: 23 april kl 19.30 | Venue: Fabriken, Gamlestadsv. 2-4


Note! There are a limited amount of seats to this concert. Send an email to and reserve yourself a seat!





Naoko is a pianist who has improvisation as a core element. Always staying true to herself and the moment. The musical spectra reaches from the very calm poetic beauty to the intense explosive chaos, where all is coming together as one expression. Her playing has been described as emotional, dramatic and full of fantasy taking you on a journey through musical landscapes where imagination and freedom takes you to another world.


Naoko is a Japanese born pianist. She came to Sweden in 2008 to study at Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama. The school gave her a gate into the Swedish jazz scene. She met a lot of musicians that she still plays with and it was where Naoko Skata trio was formed. The trio has released three albums and toured all over the world. Since finishing her studies in 2011 she has been a freelance musician playing solo and in many constellations both in Sweden and internationally. She has gotten many awards and praises for her playing both with the trio and as a solo musician.


The artist collective “Fabriken” in Gamlestaden invites you to a unique and intimate solo concert with Naoko Sakata. During the GMLSTN JAZZ festival the doors to Fabriken’s creative rooms open, decorated especially for this evening.




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