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Bäck Brothers Jazz Tivoli + Sinikka Thörn

When: 26 april kl 20.00 | Venue: Holy Moly


Bäckbrothers Jazz Tivoli are runned by the pianist David and the saxophonist Anders. They are based in Gothenburg, where they more or less make up an institution in Gothenburg`s jazz scene and has achieved tremendous success partly because of their ability to consistently deliver hot and timeless jazz in a high level and reach out to a wide audience. They have a wide network of musicians that extend throughout the world which has led to many exciting collaborations such as Malene Mortensen (dk), Thandiwe Massibouko (Southafrica), Deodato Squir (Mozambique), Karin Hammar (se), Jacob Denisen (dk), Christina von Bulöw (dk), Ahmed Eid (Palestine).


Sinikka Thörn is a singer, composer and actor. Raised in Bollnäs and moved to Gothenburg in 1984 where she began studying at the school of Music and Drama. Over the years she has sung in many different configurations and curiously moved between jazz, folk music, musicals and pop. Sinikka has recently released a new duo album together with Per Johansson and also worked together with Bäckbrothers on several occasions.


Sinikka Thörn - sång

David Bäck - piano

Anders Bäck - saxofon

Bas - Tba

Trummor - Tba




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