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Klubb Impuls presents: Rohey (NO)

When: 22 april kl 20.00 | Venue: Fängelset (Härlanda)


With a wall-to-wall 21st century freshness, light years past any concept of

vogue, or any linear genre lines, Norwegian quartet Rohey deliver music that has

deep soul roots while keeping an eye on the broad expanse of a golden



The band have played at just about every major Jazz festivalin Scandinavia, and with the release of debut album "A Million Things" on Jazzland Recordings this spring, their path can be expected to

take them ever further: music this good can't be kept secret for long.


Rohey Taalah - vocals

Ivan Blomqvist - keys

Kristian B. Jacobsen - bass

Henrik Lødøen - drums






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