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Klubb Impuls presents: Felisia Westberg 5

When: 22 april kl 19.00 | Venue: Fängelset (Härlanda)


Felisia Westberg Quintet is an upcoming star on the young Swedish jazz scene, performing melodious music written by composer and bass player Felisia Westberg, originally from Gävle, north of Stockholm where the band is based. The compositions are mostly instrumental, hinting about heartache and hope. The music have a various of influences that comes from all in between ”fjälljazz" and Beatles pop.   

FW5 takes you on a journey through a warm, cosy and inviting soundscape which might send your thoughts to slowly bobbing sailboats on the ocean or thoughtful railroads through forest scenery that time to time breaks off with weightlessly floating space travel as well as explosive fireworks.

Felisia Westberg - double bass, Andreas Pettersson - drums, Johan Ekeberg - guitar, Terese Lien Evenstad - violin, Oskar Sundbaum - tenor saxophone


Links: Klubb Impuls | Felisia Westberg




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