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This edition we have some established jazz names like Stacey Kent (USA), Maria Joao from Portugal or ADHD from Iceland but we also have some new ones and we made this Jazzlist on Spotify so you can discover them! CLICK SPOTIFY LIST

Discover such wonderful new jazz names...


With the first autumn signs in Sweden comes also our autumn biggest news: our 5th edition line-up!

New exciting places in Gamlestaden area of Gothenburg were inspiration to some very special evenings

and lovely premieres in this country!

Wednesday 17th we warm up (l...

Full program

will be announced

on September 1st







We are building the artistic program and we are accepting submissions until 30th June!

Only considering submissions with:

- min 2 live videos

- short promo text

Click on the image to apply!

When: Saturday 29 april kl 14.00 | Venue: 2lång

In Gothenburg as well as the rest of the world, a lot of people are making a living by playing music. Some with long educations, some self learned. Some touring the world, playing for thousands of people. Some with employm...

When: Sunday 30 april, from 17.00 | Venue: Göteborgs Roddförening, Saltskär


This year's festival rounds off at Göteborgs Roddförening. Experience solo improvisations in the sauna by the eminent musicians Anna Högber...

When: 28 april kl 18.30 | Venue: Sockerbruket Arena

The three greek musicians, having already lots of activity in Greece and abroad, met in 2012. From the very first moment a unique chemistry between them was shown, which, ever since has been developed with their live p...

When: 27 april 20.30 | Venue: 2lång

Gentlemen & Gangsters play traditional New Orleans hot jazz with a touch of swing. Focusing on authenticity in content and delivery, as well as a solid, driving rhythm, the group strive to play music that moves you and that stays true...

When: 22 april from 12.30 | Venue: Frilagret

A day for the whole family! Free admission!

12.30 Malmars Makalösa

An adventure through various genres, for children and their adults!

13.30 Quatsch!, Tre Rara and Rytmus Kapell

Jazz ensembles from two high schools in Göteborg pe...

When: 25 april kl 20.00 | Venue: Folk

With baritone sax, zither and singing the duo Glittercunt creates music that oozes of feminism and frustration about the present. Inspired by both folk music and jazz as well as everyday setbacks they build a concert that is naked,...

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